Eastern Window Systems was established in 1977 by Steve and Mary Kramer. It has been a fast and growing family business due to dedicated and loyal customers. Ninety percent of their business is based upon referrals from prior customers. Mary is the office manager. Her function is to establish and maintain the many friendships and relationships that has made their business so successful. She gives personalized attention to everyone, coordinates all scheduling of appointments making sure that everyone is completely satisfied with thier companies services. She would be happy to provide you with a lengthy customer referral list so you can personally inspect their products and workmanship.

Steve analyzes each customer's home and uses his expertise to design and masterfully install the windows and doors. What company do you know of that the owner not only designs, estimates the cost of replacing your windows and doors and then returns to personally install? Remember...Anyone can put a window in an opening...But with his knowledge, years of experience and painstaking attention to detail, he can turn a basic window installation into a fine addition to your home.

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